Why did THETA & TFUEL rocket 30x in the past few months?

Theta and TFUEL have absolutely rocketed a massive amount in the past few months. They werent on my radar before but I had to take a closer look to see what they were all about. They are a decentralized video streaming network built on their own blockchain and they have a dual token approach THETA & TFUEL just like NEO and GAS. In this video I want to dig into the reasons that could explain their major pump and see what we can learn about it in case we want to find other gems like this in the future that could get us 30-50x gains.

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0:00 Intro (Our Gameplan)
1:35 Theta in a Nutshell
2:46 Reason 1 – Partnership
3:30 Reason 2 – New Validator
4:01 Reason 3 – Mainnet Upgrades
4:36 Reason 4 – New DeFi and NFT features
5:13 Fusion shout out
6:11 Reason 5 – Exchange listing
6:32 Reason 6 – Price action
7:14 What to look for in future projects
9:04 Kevin’s final verdict

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