Why Corporations Are Gobbling Up Bitcoin!

Recently we’ve heard more and more companies announce that they are buying Bitcoin and “selling dollars” in terms of their corporate reserves. It all started out with MicroStrategy, a NASDAQ traded firm, announcing they were going to buy and hold 100s of millions of dollars worth of Bitcoin in their reserves. This kicked off a wave of other notable companies doing the same. We think this will only continue in practice and accelerate in the coming years because of global economic and financial trends. In this video, Adriaan touches on what these companies are, why they are buying Bitcoin, their long term plan, and much more!

Intro – 0:00
What is a reserve asset? – 1:01
MicroStrategy’s Plan – 1:40
Tahini Restaurant – 3:15
Snappa Startup – 3:55
Square’s Bombshell – 5:17
Bitcoin’s undeniable fundamentals – 6:21

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