Why BitMEX Is In Trouble, A Deep Dive!

Late in 2020, we heard news of US regulators announcing a case against popular Bitcoin derivatives trading platform BitMEX. We all know about BitMEX and a lot of other channels have already touched on this news. But in this deep dive video, we’re going straight to the source and breaking it all down for you. How has Bitmex been operating in the past few years? How did the investigation happen and how was the case from the CFTC side built? What will happen to CEO Arthur Hayes? What all rules/regulations did BitMEX break? Does the CFTC have jurisdiction? How airtight and confident is their case against Bitmex? What demands are they making against Bitmex and their owners? In this deep dive video I’ll cover it ALL and hopefully you’ll find out what the future is for Bitmex and similar platforms in the Bitcoin/crypto space!

Intro: 0:00
Background: 1:09
Recent bombshell events: 2:20
Summary of accusations: 3:36
Detailed accusations: 4:33
CFTC’s case against Bitmex: 5:58
Demands by CFTC: 8:15
BitMEX’s reaction: 9:14
My final thoughts: 10:10

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