Who owns the most Bitcoin? (SURPRISING answers)

Have you ever wondered – out of all the Bitcoin OGs and whales out there, who owns the most Bitcoin? You’ve likely heard of Satoshi before but who else owns a lot of BTC? Who makes us feel like insignificant guppies? In this Top 5 video, Adriaan is going to dive into this topic and research for you who all owns a ton of Bitcoin and what is their estimated balance. It’s actually pretty hard to know exact amounts but Adriaan will do some work estimating their range and then share some other interesting facts about each of these OG Bitcoin owners! Hope you find this video fun and interesting and can give us a LIKE if you enjoyed it. Hope to see you on our next Bitcoin/crypto video!

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0:00 Intro
0:46 Methodology
2:01 Interesting Stats (Rich List)
3:28 1st Largest Owner
4:13 2nd Largest Owner
4:46 3rd Largest Owner
5:07 4th Largest Owner
5:29 5th Largest Owner
6:11 Honorable Mention
6:46 Adriaan’s final thoughts

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