What the HECK! Is Steve Wozniak’s Cryptocurrency LEGIT?

Our beloved Steve Wozniak of Apple fame has been bullish on the cryptocurrency and blockchain space for several years now. He’s appeared publicly at conferences and spoke praises of the space. But did you know that recently he launched a cryptocurrency project called Efforce with a $WOZX token involved? Apparently it’s an energy trading marketplace that aims to improve the energy efficiency of buildings and industrial processes by connecting investors with companies that want to crowdsource their energy redevelopment projects. But it’s not all roses though — some people have claimed that Woz is only there as a marketing ploy and he’s not even that involved with the day to day of the project and this reeks of a 2017 like ICO pump and dump ploy. Their token has pumped a ton since listing on the market though. In this review video I’ll take a deeper look at this project and also share with you my HONEST opinions on it as always. Please do let me know if you’ve taken a closer look though and let me know your thoughts too!

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0:00 Intro
1:00 Project in a nutshell
1:35 Woz’s involvement
3:16 The Energy Efficiency problem
5:10 PrimeXBT shout out
6:09 Efforce’s solution
7:28 History of Efforce
8:32 Token utility & Tokenomics
10:46 Kevin’s final thoughts

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