Uniswap vs Coinbase… Decentralized vs Centralized Crypto Exchanges!

When buying altcoins, should you use Uniswap or Coinbase? Or on a higher level should you use a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) or a Centralized Exchange (CEX) – because after all you could swap Uniswap with 1inch or Sushiswap and Coinbase with Binance or Kucoin and the comparison would still hold true. For each one there are some unique considerations and pros & cons that we should consider as crypto investors and traders. In this video I aim to break them down on several important aspects like liquidity, accessibility, fiat on-ramps, support, security, onboarding, KYC, available assets, fees and much more! So give this video a watch and a LIKE if you found it valuable. Also feel free to comment below with any question you may have and I’ll definitely get back to you!

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0:00 Intro
1:26 What is Coinbase
1:52 What is Uniswap
2:45 Coinbase (CEX) pros & advantages
4:46 Coinbase cons & disadvantages
6:00 rAAVE shout out
7:00 Uniswap pros (DEX) & advantages
8:58 Uniswap cons & disadvantages
11:55 Kevin’s final thoughts!

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