Top 5 Ways To DOLLAR COST AVERAGE Bitcoin!

Dollar Cost Averaging is one of the best ways for beginners to ease into the Bitcoin investing world. It is much better for many situations and circumstances than relying on charts / TA to swing in and out of positions and also just smashing in your entire cash/fiat allocation when you think is right. By buying in set amounts and in set intervals, you can even out your cost basis and just get into the good habit of buying Bitcoin periodically regardless of what its current price is. This strategy is MUCH better for your mental state. Although now the question is, how do you DCA or Dollar Cost Average effectively? It’s a huge hassle to have to log into your exchange account every week to do so. That’s why in this video, Adriaan looks at a range of options you can consider and try out if you want to utilize this dollar cost averaging in your Bitcoin and crypto process!

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0:00 Intro
0:36 What is DCA and why use it?
2:55 Benefits of DCA
4:58 Manual Approach
5:45 Set Coinbase recurring buy
6:51 app
7:20 Swan Bitcoin
7:54 Using bots (DeltaBadger)

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