The next Dogecoin? (but with a twist)

We all love Dogecoin. But recently a new project came out that’s heavily inspired by Doge. It’s called Hoge Finance with its own coin called $HOGE. The biggest difference is that it’s DEFLATIONARY instead of INFLATIONARY. They also have some DeFi and NFT features and a popping community. In this video I will review and explain Hoge and see what I will do in terms of my buying plan. So if you’re interested in Hoge OR you just love Dogecoin and want to see what this is all about then please give this video a watch and a LIKE!

Hoge Finance main website:

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0:00 Intro
1:25 Hoge in a nutshell
3:04 Important token details
5:11 Fusion Network shout out
5:55 Accomplishments and roadmap
8:38 My verdict (Pros & Cons)
10:01 My HOGE purchase plan
10:57 Wrap up

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