The GOOGLE of Blockchain in 2021 (GRT Price Prediction)

Welcome to the Google of blockchains, The Graph. Retrieving data across blockchain platforms has been one of the most prominent trends in blockchain development. GRT allows indexing of data on the blockchain, improving the organization of the blockchain and making the data on it more accessible.

Think about how we searched for information on the internet before Google. We had millions of web pages haphazardly thrown together. Gathering info about anything took a long time. When we wanted to search something like “what’s the best place to order takeout in Atlanta,” it was not easy. Then all of the sudden, two guys out of their garage made a search indexing tool that took the entire internet by storm. Internet users around the world were then able to easily get access to information in seconds. Find out how The Graph can change the future of blockchain technology and become the next Google.

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0:00- Intro
1:48- Enter “The Graph”
2:53- Meet the Team
3:50- Value points using “The Graph”
4:28- An Active Community
5:13- Empowering the Community
5:52- Outro

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