SushiSwap & SUSHI… A Deep Dive Review in 2021!

Decentralized Exchanges or DEX’s are the future and their corresponding tokens are going to rocket as they gain more adoption and traders using their platforms. Sushiswap and its token SUSHI is one of the up and coming ones that was originally a fork of Uniswap (the most popular DEX out there). But did you know Sushiswap had a crazy origin story like what you’d see from a Hollywood movie? It was so close to exit scamming but it returned and recaptured all time highs in USD value recently. They also have new features like Bentobox and Sushibar to help people stake and earn xSUSHI or also lending services to rival AAVE and Compound. Sushiswap is an exciting new project and it’s relatively unknown so far compared to other ones out there so it may get us HUGE gains in the coming months/years. Let me know what YOU think about Sushiswap and if you hold some SUSHI yourself.

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0:00 Intro
1:53 Sushiswap in a nutshell
2:37 Origin story
3:19 Nuts & Bolts behind Sushiswap
4:34 Who’s the founders?
5:29 Godex shout out
6:21 SUSHI coin details
7:27 Price Action so far
8:51 Why we’re BULLISH
9:51 The “Exit Scam” Drama
11:53 Kevin’s final verdict

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