Simple Bityard Exchange – Registering, Affiliate Rewards, and Demo Trades! (Bityard Review 2020)

So I’ve already introduced the Bityard exchange to you guys a few weeks ago. If you remember they are a Singaporean simple contracts trading exchange, making it super easy for anyone to get started with margin/leveraged crypto trading. In this sponsored video I will show you how easy the registration process is, how their affiliate program/rewards work, and also show you a demo trade with various simple settings. If you are curious and are a current use of Bitmex, Bybit, or eToro, maybe you want to check out this exchange option as well! Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below as well.

BYD is the platform token issued by Bityard. The total supply is 210 million, there are 10.24 million BYD tokens circulating in this promotion.

Bityard Community Links:
1. Telegram Group:
2. Twitter:
3. Facebook:
4. Linkedin:
5. Medium:
6. Steemit:

If you are interested please sign up with my aff link:

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored video. This should only serve as an introduction to the Bityard exchange. As always, doing your own due diligence is recommended. This is not financial advice in any way shape or form. Contract/leverage trading is risky and should be handled with care.

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