Prediction: Bitcoin will PUMP to $60k on Tuesday, Feb. 16th… Here’s why!

Will Bitcoin pump to new All Time Highs, upwards to $60k and even higher on the road to $100k? I think so, and I think it will happen sooner than you’d expect… starting on this coming Tuesday, Feb. 16th. Please tune in to this stream in order to find out the 4 reasons why I think so! You’re in for a treat and I’ll definitely prepare some deeper research to give you an edge and educate you as an investor in the Bitcoin/crypto space!

0:00 Countdown
7:54 Why Tuesday is HUGE for Bitcoin
11:52 Institution’s advanced techniques
14:29 Which corp will buy Bitcoin? (Twitter, Uber, Apple, etc.)
22:34 Bitcoin ETF in Canada…FINALLY
25:23 Mastercards Crypto Network
26:24 Countries & cities buying Bitcoin
28:32 Chit chat wrap up

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