My verdict on Bitclout… scam or misunderstood?

Is Bitclout a huge scam like Bitconnect? Or is it legit and all the criticisms just FUD? This is the huge debate raging through the crypto world for the past few weeks. Bitclout is a social network with their own blockchain and crypto coin, but the big difference is that you can speculate on other people by buying their creator coins. There’s a lot of shady things surrounding this project though so in this video I’m taking a deep dive into all things Bitclout. I’ll explain what it is and how it works, why people hate it and want it to fail, some actions people have been taking against it, why some people believe in it and defend it, and my personal nuanced verdict. If you’re wondering about Bitclout and want a fair review / overview about it, then please give my video a WATCH and let me know what you think!

Bitclout’s site:

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0:00 Intro
1:44 What is Bitclout?
3:23 Price of Creator Coins
4:41 Founder of Bitclout
5:18 Why do people hate it? (4 reasons)
8:36 Angry lawyers & other actions
9:36 Believers and defenders (4 groups)
13:32 My personal verdict

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