My interview with Marco Mottana and Virgilio DeGiovanni of CFX Quantum!

CFX Quantum is a project based in Italy that uses a cutting edge crypto arbitrage system in conjunction with their own crypto token to generate 1% monthly returns guaranteed for their CFX token holders (available on LAToken, p2pb2b, and Digifinex currently). They partnered with Fujitsu to use their Digital Annealer Chip which can enable industry best trade speeds and execution. Their product is called the ZEROONE system — “zero” risk and 1% monthly gains — and you have to access this through their mobile app (coming soon) or their web interface. You also have to be a token holder to access this. They say zero risk for the token holders because they have set aside funds and built a system so if their arbitrage performs less than 1% they cover that difference out of pocket. They also have a token sale currently going on in LAToken! Not all countries’ residents can participate.

For more info, check them out here:

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored interview. This is not a recommendation to buy/sell, nor is it financial advice. We were offered $900 in BTC for this interview.

Start: (00:00)
Personal intros: (00:30)
High level overview: (03:05)
Digital Annealer chip: (05:15)
Competitors risk: (10:00)
What is Q-HATS: (12:13)
Marketing strategy: (13:53)
CFX token utility: (20:53)
Wallet app: (22:05)
Sentiment index: (25:28)
Why CFX token: (26:24)
Exchanges currently: (28:00)
Token sale: (29:27)

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