Landbox makes Real Estate Investing EASY with their Blockchain Powered Platform!

Landbox is an innovative new company that bridges real estate investing, prop-tech, and crypto tokens to make information sharing easier for all real estate investors around the world. They are bringing global real estate opportunities to investors and also creating a platform to help facilitate transactions. There’s also an advanced auction system called Auction OK and an informational and educational community where you can go to ask questions and participate in their ecosystem. Their LAND token is a utility token that functions as a medium of exchange within their platform and you can earn it as rewards or use it to access various parts of their system.

Visit Landbox’s site to learn more:
Join their Telegram community to ask questions:

Disclosure: As mentioned in the video this is a sponsored introduction to the Landbox project. As always this is not financial advice and always do your own due diligence when it comes to projects/products in the crypto world.

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