Is rAAVE the next BIG DeFi token? (Growth DeFi token that rebases around AAVE)

rAAVE is the latest DeFi token product to come out of the Growth DeFi ecosystem. It is an elastic supply token that rebases around AAVE’s price and has some very unique characteristics. Some quick hits: It has a treasury, incentivized liquidity pools, you can buy it on Uniswap, and it works alongisde other Growth DeFi products like GRO, stkGRO, gTokens, and PMTs. If you are a DeFi investor or a yield farmer you definitely should check out this token which could be a hidden gem/opportunity.

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored deep dive / introduction video. We were compensated ~$2k for this particular Deep dive as part of a broader campaign package. As always please do your own due diligence for any investment in the crypto space as we are not financial advisors.

0:00 Intro
1:27 What is rAAVE
3:55 How does it work
7:16 How to participate
8:17 Kevin’s final thoughts

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