I’m WORRIED about Ethereum! Will the London Hard Fork cause a CIVIL WAR? (EIP 1559)

Ethereum’s upcoming London Hard Fork in July of 2021 will include an EIP 1559 that has REALLY made miners angry. This will cut directly into their revenue since it will smooth out gas fees and make things more predictable for users, wallets, and dapps. Instead of having an auction system we’ll have an algorithmically controlled base fee and a miner tip that’s optional. If you are an ETH investor and haven’t looked into this upcoming event yet it’s a MUST WATCH because it could affect you as an ETH holder (token burns yay!) AND an ETH user/trader.

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0:00 Intro
1:02 How upgrades happen (Hard forks)
1:50 Why THIS fork is controversial
3:14 EIP 1559 explained (Base fee, tip, flexible blocks)
4:35 How this affects YOU!
4:52 OPOLO Hardware wallet
5:36 Miners are PISSED (They even made a website)
6:53 What CAN they do? (4 options – should we worry?)
10:10 My VOTE and final prediction

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