I’m Selling ALL My Crypto Before The End Of October

I’m selling ALL of my crypto before September 28th, 2021. I’ve told you guys for months how bullish I am on Bitcoin and altcoins, so why have I decided to enact my cryptocurrency exit strategy? This video is going to explain exactly why I’m doing it… and why you should too. Find out what my Bitcoin prediction is, the evidence behind it, and why you should take it seriously.

It’s important to sell your cryptocurrency when it’s at its high and before it starts to tank. Good traders are able to do this by identifying the end of a bull run. Today we will be talking about the golden bull cycle ratio that has led me to my target date on when to exit crypto and Bitcoin. This crypto exit strategy combines technical analysis and a look at the history of Bitcoin to determine these cycles.

0:00- Intro
1:44- When to Exit Crypto Market
3:40- The Bitcoin Halving
6:45- Bitcoin Charts
9:41- Conclusion

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