I Tried Out This Crypto Arbitrage Bot! (~30% APR)

I’ve tried out several different types of crypto bots before, but never crypto arbitrage bots… until now! I’m using Pionex’s spot-futures arbitrage bot and got 16USDT so far out of my initial 1000USDT deposit (in just a couple weeks). Quite interesting and in this video you’ll learn about how this strategy works and what Pionex’s bot can automate for us! I’ll touch on Funding Rates, Perpetual Futures contracts, Spot/Index prices, Leverage, and much more!

Disclosure: Like mentioned in the video, this is a sponsored intro video to Pionex app and their trading bots.

If you want to try out this bot, please use my referral link: https://www.pionex.com/en-US/sign/ref/6ZI24Njw

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