How to PREDICT when Bitcoin will reach its peak!

A question on every Bitcoin investor’s mind is when will the next ‘top’ be? Because let’s be real, it’s not fun to hold all the way up and all the way back down. Many of us made this mistake last time in 2017/2018. Over the years I’ve built some mental models to estimate when the top may be near. This includes data from investor sentiment, on-chain metrics, and market cycle models. In this video we will dive into all the above, discuss specific data we should be looking for, and share why they might help us predict Bitcoin’s eventual peak. Also we’ll briefly mention how if a supercycle happens then everything may change for Bitcoin once and for all. Finally, I’ll share some tips of how to trade/sell around the peak that will make you feel like a pro afterwards. Give this video a watch because it’s going to be super fun and hopefully give you valuable insight as well.

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0:00 Intro
1:55 Retail investor behavior
5:13 On-chain analytics
7:45 Market cycle price models
9:13 What about a Supercycle?
9:59 What you should do
11:11 Kevin’s final thoughts

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