How to HEDGE your cryptocurrency portfolio during a downtrend! (margin, futures, options, etc.)

Hedging your crypto portfolio can do wonders in terms of risk management and helping you reach your investment goals in the crypto world. You can do this in many ways besides just buying, holding, and selling your cryptocurrencies. Options include diversification, short selling (with margin too), futures contracts, perpetual swaps, and options. In this videos we’ll focus mostly on short selling method to hedge your crypto portfolio and provide some examples with tangible numbers and demonstrating on the Bityard exchange interface. We’ll also briefly touch on futures and how that could work / help as well. For all beginners though definitely read more into this topic and try it out with small amounts before going wild with your precious Bitcoin / altcoin balances! I hope this helps provide some education about the options out there though.

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Disclaimer: This video is sponsored by Bityard. Most of it is purely educational and informational. Though if you do want to sign up for Bityard, please do your own due diligence and keep in mind that none of this is financial advice.

Timestamps as promised:
Start: (0:00)
Where hedging makes sense: (1:12)
Example with numbers: (3:05)
Demonstrating the trade: (5:44)
Diversification: (6:44)
Hedging with Futures: (7:23)
Hedging with Options: (9:03)
Final thoughts: (9:45)

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