From Nobel Prize Concept To Hidden Gem Crypto Project?

Tagion Network is aiming to tear down barriers and enable a truly open monetary and banking system. Their p2p network is innovative in several ways — their database tech called DART to make things extremely scalable and efficient, their governance protocols (node, economic, and system upgrades), their multiple ways of generating revenue, their use of Digital Bills instead of UTXO or account balances, their decentralized exchange (DEX) running on Lightning Network tech, and much more! This project was started in 2017 and has a stellar team coming from academia and high-tech corporations. If you’re looking for the next really promising crypto project that aims to tackle the hardest problems when it comes to mass adoption then definitely give this project a deeper look! Please also comment below if you have any questions or thoughts about Tagion.

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Disclaimer: This was a sponsored video that we did as an intro/overview. As always we do not offer financial advice, and please always do your own due diligence in the crypto space. We always will be transparent with you guys which is why we say and write these disclaimers.

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