Fast. No KYC. Fixed rates. Godex is for traders!

Godex is a no KYC, fixed rates, and super simple decentralized exchange for crypto traders to exchange over 200 coins for each other. If you are looking to get your hands on some alt coins and you don’t want to register to some random shady exchange then using something like Godex could be exactly what you were looking for. They are similar to the old ShapeShift experience where you send your coins to their wallet and then after sufficient confirmations they send you the coins to the wallet address you designated. Overall a super simple process and they have largely great reviews on Trustpilot too. The few negative reviews could mostly have been avoided if they weren’t doing shady stuff or if they just read the details on the website and in the FAQ section like putting the Payment ID for Monero or transaction times may vary under times of heavy network congestion. If you are in the market for a new crypto DEX that’s easy to use then why not check out Godex exchange?

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0:00 Intro
1:09 What is Godex?
1:40 Godex walkthrough
3:27 Top benefits
4:40 Affiliate program
5:40 Trustpilot reviews
8:24 FAQ section
8:46 Final thoughts

**Disclaimer: As we always disclose, this is a sponsored video. It is not financial advice of any sort and always please do your own additional due diligence in the crypto space for all products/services.**

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