Ethereum 2.0, A Deep Dive!

What’s the latest on Ethereum 2.0 and when will it finally arrive? With DeFi causing the ETH network to grind to a halt with massive congestion and high fees like back in the ICO days, the scalability issues of the main layer1 blockchain has yet again be thrusted into the forefront. Ethereum devs and the community is hard at work rolling out ETH 2.0 in phases but there has been some delays. In this video we’ll touch on what all is part of ETH2.0 (like Proof of Stake, sharding, etc.) what all the phases include (beacon chain, shardchains, eWASM, etc.), and what are the layer 2 solutions in the meantime (roll-ups, state channels, and Plasma). If you want to get caught up to speed on the latest of ETH2.0 then definitely give this video a watch!

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Intro: 0:00
Why make this video now: 0:53
Recap of ETH2.0: 1:45
Phase 0 Beacon chain: 3:12
Phase 1 Sharding: 3:56
Phase 2: 4:47
Layer 2 solutions: 5:33
Roll-ups: 6:27
State channels: 7:07
Plasma: 7:27
Progress Testnets: 8:01
Final thoughts: 9:04

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