Earn Free Crypto In 2020? My 5 Recommended Methods!

If you are a newbie who wants to get your hands on some free coins to play around with and get a better feel for digital currencies OR if you just like free stuff… then this video is for you because I’m going to cover the 5 best ways to safely and legitimately earn some FREE crypto in 2020. This covers the typical methods that you may have heard of – airdrops, faucets, bounties, CPU mining, and simulated mining. But I give you a fresh update on which ones are good/bad, what you should keep in mind for each one, and some security and safety recommendations on what to keep an eye out for. I also want to thank our sponsors for this video Bityard, that has a really awesome Daily Mining feature that I’ve used before and you should check out too. If you have any recommendations as to great upcoming airdrops, or faucets that you use, or anything else along those lines, please drop me a comment down below as well to share your tips with our community!

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Disclaimer: This video is sponsored by Bityard. Most of it is purely educational and informational. Though if you do want to sign up for Bityard, please do your own due diligence and keep in mind that none of this is financial advice.

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