Could THIS Be a Turning Point for Crypto BTC Adoption (w/ Velas Founder Alex Alexandrov)

We got a super fun show packed with exciting news this week—possibly being able to send Bitcoin Cash via email, the 4th of July fireworks, and our interview with Alex Alexandrov, founder of Velas Token (VLX).

For News Break, we talk about being able to send Bitcoin Cash (BCH) via email to anyone in the world. We share our insights on this new development in this segment.

In Token Time, we feature Velas (VLX). We also interview Alex Alexandrov—how he got into crypto and how the space has changed through the years ever since he got into it, his experience with Coinpayments, and founding Velas Token plus the grit and hustle that came with developing the project.

Check out the project at and connect with Alex Alexandrov on

For Manspreading, we talk about the 4th of July—picnics, grilling, and fireworks.

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02:47 News Break
06:38 Token Time
36:15 Manspreading

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