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NFTs or Non-fungible tokens are the next hot field in cryptocurrency after our latest DeFi boom. These tokens are unique and that makes them great for a variety of applications like collectibles, DeFi, art, gaming, and more. This is a rapidly growing field and there are a lot of important players in here such as OpenSea, Rarible, Meme protocol, Gods Unchained, NBA top shot, Polyient games, and many more. In this deep dive video, Fez will explain what are NFTs, what are the different ERC token standards that form NFTs, the history of NFTs, what are various use cases and notable projects, can you mine/mint NFTs, and also what is his take on the future of NFTs and if you should be looking for investment opportunities in this space to make major gains!

0:00 Intro
1:05 What are NFTs
2:11 History and Background
3:49 ERC Types
5:47 DeFi Use Case
9:05 Art Use Case
9:58 Gaming Use Case
11:55 Mining & Minting
12:55 Future of NFTs

NBA Top Shot game:

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