Coinbase IPO: Buy, Wait, or Avoid? (Why Chamath is worried)

Coinbase IPO (DPO) is happening very soon, and they are hitting Nasdaq with ticker symbol COIN. Many crypto investors are also Coinbase users and are wondering, should we also buy some Coinbase stock? In this video I will dive into everything surrounding Coinbase going public – why Chamath is worried, their valuations increase thus far, a few reasons I’m bullish vs a few reasons I’m bearish, my price predictions for 2021, and also what my personal strategy is going to be for their listing day. Give this a watch and comment down below with your personal strategy so we can all share notes!

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0:00 Intro
1:04 Catching up
3:08 Chamath’s worry
5:08 BULLISH reasons
7:17 BEARISH reasons
10:01 My price predictions
11:00 My COIN stock strategy

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