Celsius Network – PROS & CONS! Is it better than BlockFi?

Celsius Network and similar competitors like BlockFi let you earn interest passively on your Bitcoin and crypto assets. These types of crypto banks / lending platforms have been growing rapidly during this Bitcoin bull market and many people have been using (or at least thinking about using) Celsius and BlockFi. Reason why is because why not earn interest or yield passively on your Bitcoin/crypto holdings instead of just HODL like you would be doing anyways. So what I want to do in this video is quickly explain what Celsius is, how it works, how its CEL token comes into play, what its notable PROS and CONS are and also how it stacks up against BlockFi on various aspects. So if you are considering using Celsius then give this video a WATCH and let me know what you think / if you have any questions!

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0:00 Intro
1:30 Quick Overview of Celsius
2:28 CEL Token
3:34 Current Yields
4:19 rAAVE DeFi shout out
5:11 Biggest Pros
7:26 Biggest Cons
9:06 What’s next & Kevin’s thoughts

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