Buy these 5 DEX Tokens before Coinbase IPOs?! (Part 2)

Decentralized Exchange Tokens may rocket as part of the exchange token re-pricing theory that I mentioned in my previous video. This is because Coinbase is going public and will give these exchange tokens/coins something tangible to anchor to – in terms of market cap. In my last video I looked at centralized exchanges and their tokens, but in this one I will look at the top Decentralized Exchanges or DEXs, what makes them unique and different, what’s the utility of their tokens, and some price action talk as well. If you are going shopping for new coins/tokens, then definitely give this video a watch and let me know what you think about my analysis too!

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0:00 Why this video? (Intro)
1:12 DEX #1 – UNI
4:26 DEX #2 – SUSHI
6:59 Matrixport shout out
8:05 DEX #3 – 1INCH
9:47 DEX #4 – KNC
11:45 DEX #5 – LRC
14:14 Kevin’s verdict
15:03 Pro tips for evaluating DEX’s

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