Blockchain Voting Explained For Beginners! (Pros & Cons)

With problems of election fraud around the world both real and alleged, many people have been wondering if we can use technology to make our elections more secure, transparent and trustworthy. Specifically can blockchain and its unique properties play a role such a system? In this video Adriaan will take a look at blockchain voting in-depth, explain how it works, what benefits/drawbacks it brings, which cities have piloted such tech already, which Blockchain is being used in these systems, and what is the future for such a technology and system.

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0:00 Intro
0:44 What is Blockchain Voting?
1:49 How does it work?
4:17 How does Blockchain integrate?
5:39 Benefits for citizens/voters
6:13 Cities trying out this tech
6:46 Which blockchain is being used?
7:29 Biggest DRAWBACKS
8:48 What’s the future?

#Blockchain #Voting #Elections #Technology

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