Bitcoin’s Stock To Flow Model Was A LIE…

I used to be a huge proponent and evangelist of Bitcoin’s S2F (Stock to flow) model and even made 2 videos about it! It was first proposed and popularized by PlanB (@100trillionUSD on Twitter). But after a year of analysis, research, and heavy debate in the Bitcoin space, new stats-first research came out that invalidated the original proposed model. After diving into this new research I have now changed my mind about the validity of Bitcoin’s Stock to Flow model. But that doesn’t mean I’m not SUPER bullish on Bitcoin still. Please give my video a watch for a beginner friendly explanation of everything surrounding the new discussion regarding S2F and Bitcoin!

Useful links:

Eric Wall’s list of S2F critiques:

Marcel Burger’s stats invalidation:

Phraudsta’s models analysis:

Strix Leviathan’s Gold SF analysis:

My ref link:

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