Binance vs. Regulators | Axie Infinity Rocketship | UFC | Onchain vs. Technicals

Join our weekend LIVESTREAM where I’ll discuss the hottest topics in crypto. This weekend I’ll be joined by Spencer Randall, co-founder of CryptoEQ. We’ll also take your live chat questions and comments. 

– Binance continues to get pummeled by regulators around the world
– Axie Infinity comes out of nowhere to rocket to all time highs
– sponsors UFC…. continues this wave of crypto companies sponsoring stuff
– Onchain is bullish but technicals are bearish… what to make of it
– Your live chat questions!

0:00 Intro & Spencer intro
1:47 Overall Bitcoin and market outlook
4:11 Binance vs Regulators
14:44 Axie Infinity AXS & NFTs
28:42 Crypto_com & UFC plus exchange sponsorships
38:30 On-chain analysis vs Technical analysis

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