BetProtocol = Shopify for betting apps!

BetProtocol is like the Shopify/Wix/Wordpress for betting apps. It makes it incredibly easy to launch your own blockchain-backed betting business within just a few weeks. Their platform is the definition of turn-key, you can offer the most popular casino games AND more recently offer esports betting too! They have a ton of customizability out of box and you can spin up your own website/front-end as well to go with their backend management if you’d like. In this video I will show you their key features, a demo of the backend office management interface, the casino game interface, the esports betting interface, and much more! BetProtocol also launched back in 2018, originally aiming to build a successful betting dapp but then they asked themselves, why not build a generalized platform instead to help others build their own betting dapps? They also have a BEPRO platform token that you’d need to buy and replenish as you get more and more users transaction with your BetProtocol-backed dapp. Give this a watch and let me know if you have any questions!

BetProtocol Website:
TKN (one of their clients, already live):

Disclaimer: this is a sponsored video. This is not a recommendation to buy/sell or financial advice. Please do your own due diligence for all projects/products in the crypto space.

Intro: 0:00
BetProtocol Overview: 1:12
BEPRO token: 2:19
Backoffice Admin View: 2:56
Esports Betting Example: 6:02
Casino Example: 8:13
Final Thoughts: 9:46

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