Band Protocol & $BAND, A Deep Dive!

Band Protocol’s $BAND token has rocketed ~50x in 2020, mirroring Chainlink’s insane rise in price as well. This shouldn’t be surprising as Band Protocol is in a similar niche as $LINK — tackling the decentralized oracles for smart contracts space. In this video, I’m going to cover this project for you from start to finish. Talking about their approach, their ties to Cosmo, how they stack up against Chainlink, their tokenomics, their team, and their future prospects. If you want an easy to understand deep dive into BAND then look no further, this video is for you! Would also love to hear any questions or comments you have and let me know what other Bitcoin or crypto topic you’d like to see a DEEP DIVE on next!

Pictures and graphics in and around:

Intro Hook: (00:00)
Lay of the land: (00:53)
What oracles do for you: (1:33)
Challenges with oracles: (3:01)
Solution is decentralized oracles: (3:30)
Band protocol details: (4:43)
4 unique differentiators: (5:24)
BAND tokenomics: (6:50)
Price action and coinbase listing: (7:53)
Major investors and Team: (8:30)
Chainlink vs Band protocol: (9:24)
My final thoughts: (11:06)

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