Avalanche Coming To 100x Your Money (The Internet of Finance)

As the demand for interoperability between blockchains steadily grows, a couple of well-known projects are dominating the space. Polkadot and Cosmos are making huge strides in creating an interoperable network of blockchains. But, while these two crypto projects have been getting a lot of attention, there is a third competitor looming and looking to become the most widely used network of interoperable blockchains. This competitor is Avalanche (AVAX).

Avalanche is a platform consisting of thousands of custom subchains called subnets. Their aim is to build the internet of finance. Today, I’m going to take a comprehensive look at Avalanche and what makes it unique, and tell you what I see in store for Avalanche in the near future. I’ll give you my best AVAX price prediction at the end of the video.

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0:00- Intro
1:17- Polkadot and Cosmos
1:40- Avalanche
2:19- Architecture
4:53- Consensus Mechanism
5:22- AVAX

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