A Deflationary Coin Backed By A “Basket”!

BasketCoin is a new crypto project that is deflationary but also backed by a basket of other cryptocurrencies. They are currently having a token sale that ends in early April. Their approach is quite unique – they are deflating from 21 million tokens to 2.1 million through buy backs and burning part of a 2% transaction fee. They also are going to generate revenue by putting their basket into DeFi platforms. And have a governance token in the future. Definitely an interesting approach I haven’t seen before and will be keeping my eyes out on in the future.

Learn more about Basketcoin and their tokensale: https://basketcoin.io

Disclosure: This is a sponsored intro / review video. We accepted USDT for this review. As always please do your own due diligence in the crypto space and we dont give financial advice on this channel, just share our own opinions.

0:00 Intro
1:50 Inflationary vs Deflationary
2:18 Asset backed Tokens
2:45 BasketCoin’s approach to Deflation
3:45 Details (Burning, Buy backs, Staking pool)
6:33 Public sale info
7:09 Future governance plans
8:13 My final verdict

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