7 WRONG Predictions from Bitcoin/Crypto Experts!

There are so many “experts” in the crypto world giving us their predictions about Bitcoin, Ethereum, and just the space in general. However, many times we take them too seriously and we act based on a prediction that turns out to be wrong. So what I want to do in this video is to take a look at predictions that we heard between 2017-2019 and see how they turned out and what we can learn from them to get an edge in the crypto space.

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0:00 Intro
1:22 #1 – Wrong Price Predictions
3:22 #2 – Bitcoin Forks
4:23 #3 – Scalability would be fixed
6:12 #4 – The Flippening
7:30 #5 – Ethereum would be beat
8:40 #6 – Ethereum had 0 use
9:51 #7 – Regulation predictions
11:04 What this means for our strategy

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