1% returns with “0 risk” with CFXQuantum! (crypto arbitrage project)

CFXQuantum is a new fintech project making it easier for investors to access crypto and earn from their funds. They are using triangular arbitrage system called Q-HATS, powered by the Fujitsu Digital Annealer chip that was programmed with their arbitrage algorithms. Essentially they use the tokenholder capital to trade with and then give tokenholders a fixed 1% monthly return. Anything above, they get to keep, and anything below they reimburse back up to 1%. That’s their ZEROONE product. They also have a wallet-exchange app to access the whole ecosystem. You can buy/trade crypto/fiat on there, hold CFXQ which is an ERC20 token, and buy products from their partners too. They have an ongoing tokensale or IEO on LAToken which you can get more info from below. They have token buybacks and burning schedule and you must hold CFXQ to access their ZEROONE product.

Relevant Links:
Website: https://token.cfxquantum.com/
Tokensale: https://latoken.com/ieo/CFXQ

Disclaimer: I was compensated for this review video. This is not a recommendation to buy/sell nor is it financial advice. Please always do your own due diligence in the crypto space.

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